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7 Lunch Ideas You’ll Love

Published on January 17, 2017

Sometimes deciding what to have for lunch can be the most difficult part of your day (just me?). If you’re not in the mood, a sandwich from home is boring. And tuna salad – again – will drive you up the wall!

So here are 7 lunch suggestions that will renew your excitement for the midday meal!

Chicken Parma

An absolute classic! It’s hard to go past a parma for a lunchtime treat.

The delicious combination of crumbed chicken, Napoli sauce, ham, and mozzarella will satisfy your taste buds and you’ll be full for the rest of the afternoon.

Caesar Salad

When the weather is a bit warmer or you simply feel like eating a little lighter, a Caesar salad is the perfect choice.

This salad is the perfect mix of good food and indulgence.

Cajun Calamari

Just after a small plate? Cajun calamari will meet all your requirements.

Not too heavy, but full of taste, this smaller dish is a real treat. The delightful Cajun flavour complements the calamari for a unique experience.

This is also an ideal option if you’re sharing plates with others or as a starter.

Salmon Risotto

Tuna salad might be out, but salmon risotto is definitely in!

Not only delicious, salmon is good brain food and perfect if you have any challenging tasks to complete at work.

The mix of risotto and salmon means that this dish is trans-seasonal – perfect for any weather!


This is a never-fail meal choice. You can always count on a steak to satisfy and keep you full for longer.

All you have to decide now is rare, medium, or well-done?

Pumpkin Gnocchi

Not always an obvious choice, pumpkin gnocchi is ideal for autumn and winter.

Despite having a gourmet taste and feel, this dish is substantial enough to satisfy even the worst hunger pains.

Dessert Tasting Plate

When it comes to dessert, who can choose? With a tasting plate, you don’t have to. You can try the best of the dessert menu with no guilt. Well, only the guilt of not sharing with your dining mates!

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