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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Beer

Published on August 18, 2014

7 facts about beer

Here at WestWaters Hotel, we know a thing or two about beer. But it’s not all just pouring a good drink – here are some fun beer facts you can use next time you’re at the pub!

1. The builders of the Great Pyramid of Giza were paid with a daily ration of beer.

2. Coined in the early 1900s, the word “alcoholiday” means leisure time spent drinking.

3. Beer soup was a common breakfast in medieval Europe.

4. If you brewed a bad beer in ancient Babylonia, the ancient Babylonians would punish you by drowning you in it.

5. Beer was more popular than water in the middle ages, as it was safer.

6. The strongest beer in the world has a 67.5% alcohol content.

7. Scientists use the same technology to monitor bubbles in beer, as they do to monitor volcanoes.

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