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Australia Day: Celebrating Australia’s Rich History

Published on January 26, 2015

Celebrating Australia's rich history

Australia is one of the largest countries in the world, ranked at number six by area covered. It is a country rich in history and culture. To celebrate Australia Day, here is a little information about this great country of ours!

Australia Day is a commemoration of the dockage of British ships in 1788, led by Captain Cook. However, this was not when Australia was discovered! The first European to land in Australia was Willem Janszoon in 1606. Janszoon was a Dutchman, and several other Dutch explorers came to Australia before Cook, which is why it was previously called New Holland.

Despite its massive size, the Australian population is only around 23 million. Most Australians live on the coastline.

Even with most people living by the sea, it was illegal to swim in the surf during daylight hours up until 1902. In 1906, the world’s first life saving club was founded at Bondi Beach.

Australia has unique plant and animal species, more than 80% of which you cannot find anywhere else! There are over 800 bird species, and about half of them are exclusive to Australia.

A highly progressive country, Australia was the second country in the world to allow women to vote, back in 1902.

Australia is known for its beautiful cities, one of which – Melbourne – has been ranked as the most livable city in the world several times.

Have a great Australia Day!

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