WestWaters Hotel & Entertainment Complex Community Grant

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  • WestWaters Hotel & Entertainment Complex and related business partners have committed a six-figure sum in the form of a grant. This was part of the establishment of WestWaters Hotel.

    The grant will be available to not for profit organisations or community groups based within the Eastern Corridor of the City of Melton.

    The aim and purpose of this grant is to provide financial assistance to community based and not for profit organisations that provide a service or infrastructure that benefits the wider community. There is a particular interest in organisations that provide programs to support local youths.

    Applications are assessed on their individual merit with each application adjudicated and approved/not approved by a Committee comprising of representatives from WestWaters Hotel and their related business partners, council members from the City of Melton and a member from the local community.

    Applications are assessed against the following criteria:

    Alignment to WestWaters Hotel & Entertainment Complex community grant objectives

    • Provision of inexpensive or free programs, social spaces and activities
    • Enhancement of socialising opportunities and participation in community life
    • Is inclusive & accessible and encourages participation of a range of target groups

    Addressing local issues

    • The project meets community needs
    • The project targets and provides benefits to Melton Shire Eastern Corridor

    Ability to Manage the Grant

    • The strategy for implementing the project is feasible and appropriate, the budget is realistic and accurate (quotes are provided)

    To assist with the application process please complete this Formal Application online and upload the following additional documents:

    • Copy of previous year’s financial statement
    • Registration of business name
    • Copies of quotes for any goods/services that you are requesting funding for
    • Letters of support for the project (not compulsory but encouraged)

    Any questions in regards to the grant please email rsvp@westwatershotel.com.au

    Community Grant General Conditions

    The following general conditions apply to the WestWaters Hotel & Entertainment Complex Community Grant

    • Any applications to the Community Grant that are inclusive of infrastructure or capital works activities on City of Melton's land must be approved by Council prior to the lodging of an application.
    • Any applications to the Community Grant that are inclusive of equipment purchases and are intended, by the applicant, to be stored in a City of Melton Council facility, must be approved by Council prior to the lodging of an application.
    • If a group/ organisation cease operations, assets purchased through the Community Grant must be returned to WestWaters Hotel & Entertainment Complex to redistribute to other community groups.
    • Funding will not be given for retrospective expenses (expenses already paid).
    • Projects funded under the Community Grant must be open to the community in adherence with the Equal Opportunity Act 2010.
    • Groups that fail to deliver on critical activities or milestones or act in inappropriate ways may not be considered for funding in future grant rounds.
    • Funding will not be given for projects where the primary focus is to promote specific political or religious views (however political or religious groups may apply for projects that are not promoting their views and provide broad community benefit).
    • Funding will not be given for projects by local schools/education providers that are limited to students. Core school curriculum cannot be considered.
    • Unincorporated groups may apply for funding provided that they are auspiced by an incorporated organisation. This means that the auspicing agency is applying on behalf of the unincorporated group. The unincorporated group can still complete the application but will require the auspice group to sign the funding agreement with WestWaters. The auspicing agent is then responsible for the accountability of the project as signed.


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